Mdc (usa) + the butcher
zaterdag, 29-03-2008 21.00
Little Devil, Tilburg

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Sat Mar 29: MDC (USA) (v.a. 21.00 uur)
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MDC (USA) (classic punk rock!)
The Butcher (old school punk)
Cracks in the Wall (punk)

MDC is real classic punk rock. Their previous show in the LittleDevil was a big event for us, in August 2006, introduced back then like:
[MDC are an old school punk band formed in Austin, Texas in 1979, playing fast, left-wing punk. Their debut LP Millions of Dead Cops on the bands own label, R Radical, is now widely considered a punk classic. Now they are back with their 7th full length album, MDC - Magnus Dominus Corpus , featuring three of their four original members Dave Dictor (also Submissives), Ron Posner (ex-con-ron), Mikey Donaldson (founding member of The Offenders and Sister Double Happiness) and drum sensation Mike Pride (Dynamite Club).
In 2007, Mikey "Offender" Donaldson passed away in his sleep on September 22 in Barcelona... MDC has to move on without their best bass-player ever.

The Butcher, from Eindhoven, a steady 5piece band since 1997. Released four full-length albums; newest manifest called Army of Apocalypse. Fast music, comparable to early-eighties hardcore punk, energetic live-shows. The Butcher performed as headlining act at many gigs and clubs and shared stages with great bands like DRI, Ignite, Dropkick Murphy’s, Slapshot, Blood for Blood, UK Subs, Backfire! and Discipline.

Cracks in the Wall started end 2005 in Tilburg with four guys playing fast and short songs inspired by all kinds of 80s hardcore bands like Black Flag, Jerrys Kids, BGK, Infest and more. One demo with 6 songs in 5 minutes, so this has to be fast, raging hardcore.

Entree: € 5

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