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zaterdag, 28-02-2009 20:00 tot 23:55
Bomvrij Hospitaal, Hellevoetsluis

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Driller Killer are definitely NOT playing - I have confimed this with them - This is the email from Christ (DK guitarist) - Cheers M4rk

To: Mark
Date: Feb 4, 2009 1:29 PM

Hey man!
No,, this is not right!
We met a dutch guy (sorry don't remember his name right now) when we played at the Grosvenor with you and I have been in contact with him. He started to look for places for us to play in februari (germany, holland etc), but when we lost our bassplayer n stuff like that we werent able to do this 4-gig tour.
We will instead try to do these gigs in the summer and it would be really cool if you showed up. We will post all confirmed gigs at the DK myspace-page and I will make sure you know of it when it happens, hehe!!
I hope everything fucking great with you
Cheers & take care!

Driller Killer & Kugra Terror Defence

Lokaal talent gevolgd door zweeds geweld.

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