Sham 69
maandag, 07-12-2009 20:00
Little Devil, Tilburg

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Mon Dec 7: Sham 69 (v.a. 20.00 uur)
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Sham 69 (UK) (street rock legends)

Sham 69 are an English punk band that formed in Hersham in 1976. Now, 2009: 32 years ago the Sex Pistols took the world by storm putting the world of punk rock on the front pages of the international press and Sham 69 released their debut ep “I Don’t Wanna”. 32 years of mohawks, of safety pins, of bondage pants, of cropped hair, of Dr.Marten boots. 2007: The Sham 69 album, “Western Culture” is released on Bad Dogs Records. With a line-up change bound to surprise many, they are sounding fresher than they have done for a long, long time. Their first real record for over ten years, proving that the band is back to stay! In early 2007 the band parted ways with vocalist Jimmy Pursey. Enter Tim V, a true guts and glory singer who has brought some reality to the hearts of the kids on the streets. From the back streets of the East End
of London. A genuine Cockney from the tower blocks who has brought back the guts to a band that pioneered the street punk movement. Following a hugely successful US tour showcasing the new line-up and material, it is safe to say Sham 69 is back! On the 2009 tour, its Tim V. at the mic ever since and steady touring proofed the band to be still excellent, reliable and true, blasting out
all the hits with venegance !!! Check out their latest album on Bad Dog Records ‘’Seriously Ultimate’’.

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