Red flag 77 + antidote
vrijdag, 20-11-2009 21.00
Little Devil, Tilburg

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Fri Nov 20: Red Flag 77 (v.a. 21.00 uur)
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Red Flag 77 (UK) (punk)
Antidote (punk)

Red Flag 77 from Ipswich, South UK, formed back in 1990 with a bunch of covers. Reached the settled line up of today by 1996, when they put out a split ep & did their first dates outside of the UK in France & Belgium. Over the years played with loads of great bands old & new in anything from sweaty pub backrooms to big festival stages. Recently released the album "Stop the World" on Captain Oi! records in the UK, hoping it will see a U.S. release soon. FLY THE FLAG !!! New album "Rotten on the inside" now available ! Eerder in LD tijdens K-dag.

Antidote, pogopunk from Amsterdam! Lots of albums & tours, ao European tour with Disturbance, Eastern Europe tour, European tour with Gewapend Beton & Monster Squad, US tour with Mouth Sewn Shut (East Coast dates) and Dreadful Children (West Coast dates).

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