Mark foggo & the skasters
zaterdag, 29-01-2011 21.30
Little Devil, Tilburg

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Sat Jan 29: Mark Foggo & The Skasters (v.a. 21.30 uur)
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Mark Foggo & The Skasters (UK) (fast loud high energy feel-good SKA)

MARK FOGGO makes fast, loud, high energy feel-good music and is one of the planets best known names in SKA music. The fast, catchy songs and electrifying performance are well known by audiences worldwide. The album “Ska Pig” was caught up by MTV who called it a ‘classic and milestone’ in the genre. Since then, Mark Foggo has released a number of excellent CDs, EPs and Singles on indie label SkankyLil Records and over the years his songs have appeared on over a hundred compilation CDs worldwide.
Now, having signed a deal with V2 RECORDS for the release of the brand new album MAD, The “creme de la creme” of Foggo’s newest recordings will be available to the public in 2010 (release Benelux & UK) - worldwide release March 2011. “MAD” is a combination of Mark Foggo’s many music styles and bizarre songwriting skills. It stretches the limits, from the extremes of British ska to Southern States Rockabilly, from the Pain of Punk to the Pop Rock Circus of today. Meet Muhammad Ali in the ring, Ask the EU for a subsidy, Sit in the traffic stuck behind hundreds of caravans, Go to work and smash things up, Be Happy, Be Sad, Be Lucky, Get Mad, Feel what it’s like. - experience it all on “MAD” That is Mark Foggo!

Entree: € 10,-

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