Hagridden and found on the floor
zondag, 02-10-2011 17.00
Crowbar, Groningen

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When we entered the chaos of the now empty room, our victim was to be found
on the floor.By the looks of the grotesque facial expression etched in time,
we concluded that they had obviously been hagridden.

From the depths of New Ross,Wexford,Ireland, 'Found On The Floor' has once
again risen and chosen to grace these great golden shores.Following on from
their debut dutch show at GGI festival,they are back to tour this time.A 5
piece metal / punk hybrid that has something in there for everyone.

'Hagridden'....Utreg, banshee twisted,noise merchants, are joining
FOTF on this merry jaunt around the nether regions AND will also carry their their first CD , 'Dreams Of Despair',
ten times blind fury packed into one little package.

Found On The Floor.............


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