Resurrection fest 2012
donderdag, 02-08-2012 - 04-08-2012
resurrection festival area, Viveiro
€ 55

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Hello everybody,

Here’s the third and last announcement. Since this edition began, our main purpose and goal has been to offer the best bands that ever played in Resurrection Fest. A very hardcore, punk-rock and metal specialized line-up mixing old school with new stuff.

We will enjoy all the old-school bands that left a mark on the alternative music, but we’ll also have the best and representative actual bands.

We think that there’s no other way to understand the line-up but looking at it as a whole, and we beg you to do it as so, cause we are very proud of it.

So here we go the with the nine new bands to this seventh RESURRECTION FEST edition:

ANTI-FLAG: We will have the great punk-rock band in exclusive introducing their newest record “The General Strike”, more political and demanding than ever. No doubt they will be one of the best on the festival.

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER: For most people, this is the most charismatic deathcore band and one of the most demanded.

AGAINST ME!: No need for introduction with one of the best punk bands of all times and most demanded. There’s been ages since they don’t tour in our land and after their last cancelation there’s no better way to enjoy them than in a RESURRECTION FEST stage. Only show in the peninsula.

NASUM: Celebrating the 20th band anniversary and for the last time on the stages, we will be able to see their last show, unfortunately not with Mieszko on the mic, but with the great Rotten Sound’s singer, Keijo Niinima. We assure you, this will be a special moment on the festival.

SOZIEDAD ALKOHOLIKA: We think this basque band need no introduction. No doubt they’re one of the most famous band in our land and they’ve proved with their last shows. Thousands of fans and their last record can endorse that.

BERRI TXARRAK: Praised by Ross Robinson himself, this band has grown up so fast and their last record “Haria” proves it. They’ve become one of our most international bands.

SKARHEAD & H2O: NY representing. On one side we will have Danny Diablo charisma and on the other, we will enjoy again this punk-rock band proving that they “Don’t Forget Their Roots”.

REEL BIG FISH: from California, this year, they will bring the ska and the party to the festival.

Comple the line up PROUD’Z that after few years of silence they will do just one reunion show, the great sludge band from Madrid ADRIFT, G.A.S. DRUMMERS and PRIMITIVE.

This completes the full line-up but we do not assure there will be any other surprise in the next days as we have done in previous editions.

We hope you enjoy the line-up, cause we worked hard on this.

Soon, we will announce also all the information relative to the band contest that will start in May. Keep posted to our website, Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr, ... and please, help us spread the word with the hashtags #ResurrectionFest and #Resu.

The countdown has began.



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