Razorblade + stealers + bruiseheads + subrockers
vrijdag, 14-12-2012
Little Devil, Tilburg

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Razorblade (punk)

Started in 2001, played about 100 shows in 7 different European countries. Released 4 full-lenght albums On CD and LP, 1 cd-single, 1 best-off album and 2 7" ep's. Featured on a bunch of sampler cd's. Our stuff is released by Rebellion Records (NL), Bandworm Records (GER) and Step 1 records (UK).

Stealers (punk)
Stealers.... are a rogue mob existing of 4 city boys gone wild!
They have been spotted since the summer of 2007. Since then, several attacks on law abiding citizens occurred viciously out of the blue.
Their goal: To deafen the land and make people listen to nothing else but Stealers anymore.
Their ways: Operating from the dirtiest city around, Rotterdam, they travel to cities everywhere. There they make alliances at venues that actually pay them to show up and perform their outrageous musical mixture of 77 Punk’n’Soul’n’80’s-Cock’n’Roll!
The audience doesn’t even have a clue what is happening to them!
The Mob steals their money, girlfriends, drinks, hearing and what more
Strangely and alarming enough, this way they manage to create a growing following supporting their evil ways.

Bruiseheads (Brabandse Oi!)

Richard de W. – Vocals en Bass

René – Drum

Randy O – Guitar

Michiel S. – Guitar

Check out the latest sound in Rock n Roll underground!
'What is this?', you ask, well the name says it all: SUB as in Subterranean Subculture. ROCK as in Anything Loud. And finally ERS for all your forbidden itches below the belt! Yes, it's SUBROCKERS baby!
Combining the forces of Antidote, Disturbance, I-Reject and Dicemen, you'd better prepare yourself for a Rocket ride from below, straight to the moon!

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