Deathroll + concrete elite
vrijdag, 03-06-2016 20:30
Club Vibes, Rotterdam

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Texas Thunder Vs. Rotterdam Lightning!

Concrete Elite, the Streetpunk/Oi!/HC powermachine from Austin/Texas is conquering Europe! They'll sweep over Europe like a thunderstorm and will remain in their viewers mind! Everyone who's interested in straight forward us streetcore needs to visit their shows.

No strangers to the nightlife of the Nieuwe Binnenweg, local populair boys Deathroll are opening up the night! Featuring (ex-)members of various outfits such as Disturbance, The Rawberries, No Hoodlums and The Fuzzbrats their musical influences range from hardcore and metal to punk, simply put Death n Roll!

Deur: 20:30
Deathroll: 21:00 uur
Concrete Elite: 22:00
Entree: 5

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