Red Flag 77 + Sensa Yuma + The Bips + Last under the sun
donderdag, 28-04-2005 20.00
Cafe Störtebeker, Arnhem
4 euro

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Ede zuigt maar dan als punk =Dead in Arnhem en zoiets als Night of the punks

Red Flag 77 + Sensa Yuma + The Bips

eerste band begint om 20.30 (STIPT, KOM DUS OP TIJD), vanaf 19.00 uur dus komen indrinken, tussen 16.00 en 18.00 uur speciale "POGO" lessen van Wim slut, geheel gratis, onder het moto, "POGO" doe je samen

Hey, this is your chance, to do the pogo dance
So if your feet ain't on the ground, I'll catch you on the way down
Pogo dancing, it's the latest thing going around
Why move from side to side when you can jump up and down
Little Suzie had a try
But she jumped so high
That she went over the hill
I hear she's up there still

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