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Punk/oi! Cd's te koop
Gepost door: molkie gepost: 14-12-2012 10:52:28
Alles is nieuw,
CD €10
MCD €7

Agitators - Among friends (CD)
Asociale - 1990-2010 Complete collection (CD)
Bad Lieutenants - Ever time I come around (CD)
Balefire - On the Road to Redemption (MCD)
Berliner Weisse - In Toifels Küche (CD)
Blastmat - National Policy (CD)
Bloodvessels - ST (CD)
Blue Collar Criminals - Kindred spirits & Unheard cries (CD)
Brute Squad - Wolves among the sheep (CD)
Condemned84 - Storming to power (CD)
Condemned84 - the Boots go Marching in (CD)
Die Nakse Bananen - Untitled (CD)
Die Punkroiber - Still fuckin' Punkroiber (CD)
Dirtsheath - Get up and go (CD)
Discharger - Born immortal (CD)
Discharger - the Sword of our ancestors (CD)
Disturbed Mother Fucker - …Oi! Ain't dead… (CD)
Disturbed Mother Fucker - Life is so serious (CD)
Donars Groll - Von liebe, hass und alten Riten (CD)
Drongos for Europe - Hotline to Hades (CD)
Drugsmokkel - Young blond and still awake (CD)
Fed Up - Live at CBGB (CD)
Fed Up/Disavow - New York vs Chicago (CD)
First Time Riot - Shooting the fallen (CD)
Foienoord - I (CD)
Foienoord - II (CD)
Funeral Dress - Global Warning (CD)
Gecko Brothers - Demolition of the rehabilitation (CD)
Greenland Whalefishers - Amazing space (CD)
Heel erg punk III - Sampler (CD)
Insane Youth - Wasted lives (MCD)
Iron Guts Kelly - Axe to grind (CD)
Japanese European Friendship - Sampler (CD)
Jason Bennett & the Resistance - Hope dies last (MCD)
Kalavalan Viikingit - Rohjolan korkeajännitys (CD)
Kezus Krijst - Tweestrijd (CD)
Korova - Another dead customer(CD)
Oi! Fuck You - Best of British -vol 1 Sampler (CD)
Oi! We still Say "Fuck You"! Best of British vol2 (CD)
Outclass - Second to none (MCD)
Perkele - Voice of Anger
Retaliator - Beyond the cold light of day
Retaliator - When duty calls (CD)
Rotz & Wasser - Oi! Unparteiisch, unpolitisch, unzensiert (CD)
Roughnecks/HoiterDispoiter - Die jungs hält keiner auf (CD)
Runnin' Riot - Boots & Ballads (CD)
Section5 - Fat out of hell (CD)
Section5 - Street rock'n'roll (CD)
Short Cropped - S.C.F.-F.S.C.
Spit & Sawdust - Deadlamb records Sampler (CD)
Tattooed Mother Fuckers - the Mother Fucking army (MCD)
Tattooed Mother Fuckers - Thug anthems (CD)
Tattooed Mother Fuckers/Tollschock - Tattooed pissed and Proud (CD)
the Bruiseheads - Wasting away (MCD)
The Delayed - Losing my mind (MCD)
The Firm/the Pride - Looking for trouble III (CD)
The Genarators - Welcome to the end (CD)
The London Diehards - There's lies, damn lies and there's.. (CD)
the London Diehards/TMF - Looking for trouble Vol1 (CD)
The Patrons - Pride & Dignity (MCD)
The Patrons - We shall not be moved (CD)
The Riot - Ten years (CD)
Total Annihilation - The great patriotic war (CD)
Wasted Life/Ratmonkey - Split release (CD)
Wilde Jungs - Multikriminell (CD)
Gepost door: molkie gepost: 14-12-2012 10:53:05
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