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Cd's te koop
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CD’s : (MAIL TO:
M.V.D. “Hate record collection”
The Meatmen “Stud Powerrock: the touch and go years 1981-’84”
The cramps “Off the bone”
Skit system “Allte skit”
Skit system “Enkel resa till rannstenen”
Yacopsae “Tanz, Grozny, tanz…”
Yacopsae “Fastcoregraphy”
Disrupt “Disruptdead” BOX set (3 CD’s, DVD + booklet)
Warsore “sweet revenge”
Gang Green “The taang years” 2CD collection
Inhume “In it for the kill”
Anti cimex “Victims of a bomraid + Raped ass EP “ (rerelease on regain rec 2009)
Agathocles “Mince core history 1985-1990”
Agathocles “Mince core history 1989-1993”
Agathocles “Mince core history 1993-1996”
Agathocles “Humarrogance”
Agathocles “Superiority overdose”
Arsedestroyer “MCD 1995” (Distortion records)
Assuck “Anticapital + Blindspot and more”
Blood duster “Lyden na” 2CD
De raggende manne “Weense pletterij”
Disabuse “Sorrow & Perdition” MCD
Disfear “Live the storm”
Dishammer “Vintage addiction”
Hate eternal “Fury & Flames”
In/humanity “violent resignation: the great american teenage…”
Kiss it goodbye “She loves me, she loves me not…”
Mohinder “Discography”
My minds mine “Scenes of the complete …”
Napalm death “Order of the leech”
Napalm death “Time Waits for no slave”
Negative Approach “Total recall”
Pandemonium “Sex, drug, stocks …” 2CD collection
Psyopus “Ideas of reference”
Psyopus “Our puzzling encounters considered”
P.I.L. “The greatest hits, so far”
Rorschach “Remain sedate / Protestant”
Rotten sound “Cursed”
Rotten sound “Cycles”
Strapping Young lad “1994-2006 chaos years” CD + DVD
Suppository/Regurgitate split
Terror “Rhythm amongst the chaos”
The Hellacopters “Rock and roll is dead”
The minutemen “Post-mersh, vol.3”
The red chord “Clients”
The red chord “fused together in revolving doors “
Total fucking destruction “TFD compact disc version 1.0”
Total fucking destruction “Zen and the art of….”
Venom “In league with Satan”2CD collection
Unearthly trance “V” (relapse)
Unseen terror “Human error”

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