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Mad caddies @ nosta, opwijk
Gepost door: rnlconcerts gepost: 04-10-2017 23:02:09
vzw Rock 'n Load Concerts presents

TUESDAY 10/10/2017 @ Nosta, Opwijk
Exclusive belgian clubshow with:

Mad Caddies (us - Ska/Punkrock/...)
Well, if this ainít a skapunk classic?! Mad Caddies has been around for over 2 decades, and although being called third wave ska, their influences range much broader, taking bits and pieces from punk rock, swing, reggae, jazz, Latin music, polka to create that blend that makes your feet move like crazy! And donít be fooled, seeing this quality ska band that played Pukkelpop, Dour and Groezrock multiple times, will be worth every single euro! Letís dance!

Overweight (be - Ska/Punkrock)
Started out as a punkrock band in 2001 but later evolving to ska/punkrock, Overweight might be the perfect Belgian supportband for this evening. Releasing two full lengths and one Ep resulted in playing a lot of live shows, ranging from small barshows to big supportslots and European tours.
One thing is sure, itís a well-oiled ska machine that will set the pace for Mad Caddies!


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