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Crucial attack records distro update february 2010.
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Crucial Attack Distro Update February 2010.

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for all the best wishes and orders in January, a good start of the year! We are busy as always trying
to send out your orders on time, get new records in, doing trades with cool labels and working on new projects.
Right now we have added a lot of new records to the store, aswell as preview songs so you can listen to bands
you might not know. Also keep your eyes open for the Crucial Attack Newsletter, it's almost ready to send out...

Take care,

Crucial Attack Records & Distro.

Here you can read the HTML version of the Distro Update, included covers and links;]Crucial Attack Distro Update February 2010.

Here is an small overview of some of the new Full Lengths we got in;

Bad Man - Neighbourhood Watch - LP - Flat Black Records - 9.90 Euro
These youngins from San Pedro/Long Beach blast out song after song of fast, snotty hardcore.
If you took JFA's Blantant Localism and mixed it with DRI's 22 song debut release, then you
will know exactly what to look forward to on this release. If you like contemporary greats
like Citizen's Patrol, you should pick this one up.

Blind To Faith - The Seven Fat Years Are Over- LP - Holy Terror Records - 12.50 Euro
Following the metallic hardcore lead of bands like Integrity and Ringworm, Blind To Faith play a sound best described
as 'holy terror' hardcore and feature members of European bands Rise And Fall, Amenra and Reproach.
Includes an embroidered patch. Beware, this LP plays from the inside out.

Cat Party - Self Titled - LP - Flatback Records - 9.90 Euro
Once again Flat Black is branching out from the so cal hardcore that they usually release. Cat Party’s first full
length comes to us after an impressive debut ep and split 7” and displays a sound that reflects the gloomy hypnotism
of bands like The Wipers or Joy Division. This also has some great guitar work that not only resonates with a
Greg Sage influence but hints of early Christian Death can be found in the guitar playing. The vocals have that
classically cool vibe of greats like Rik L. Rik with a solid rhythm section holding it all together and giving the
tunes a nice backbeat. Whatever tags you want to put on it; post punk, new wave, punk, it doesn’t matter, they
seamlessly bring together some of the best elements in music and bring a sound that is Cat Party.

Chains of Hate - Cold Harsh Reality - MCD - Rucktion Records - 7.90 Euro
Chains of Hate were formed from the ashes of Twist The Knife (Cardiff Hardcore, Wales). More inspired than before,
Speed and Jammo stayed as they were (guitar and bass), Tommy stepped up to vocal duties and good friend Jordan (Elsid)
completed the lineup as the new drummer.As summer '09 approached, Chains Of Hate joined the notorious Rucktion Records
family. Their debut album is due as is a stint around Europe with their brothers in True Valiance. No one can stop'em now.
Let the game begin. Also checkout the other Rucktion releases available in the Crucial Attack Webstore.

Dead Swans - Sleepwalkers - LP - Bridge 9 Records - 11.90 Euro
Dead Swans is the UK's newest attention-grabbing import. Dead Swans has made a name for themselves
with a frantic sound that channels turn-of-the-century Boston hardcore of American Nightmare, Give
Up The Ghost and Right Brigade with an influence from the discordant and broken melodies of later
Black Flag - all set to the craziest live show in the UK. Their buzz has been fed by a relentless
touring schedule from small rooms to huge venues with UK powerhouses Gallows and Bring Me The Horizon
and following their Kerrang! Magazine award nomination as 2008's Best Newcomer, Dead Swans are well
on their way to being one of the next big names in the worldwide music scene. Now available on colored
vinyl with a gatefold cover. Vinyl version comes with digital download.

Forfeit - The Lower Depths - LP - Reaper Records - 12.50 Euro
2009 brings a new LP recording from the group that is being released this fall on Reaper Records.
The album is entitled 'The Lower Depths' and promises to build and expand on their musical vision.
For fans of Madball, Terror, Hatebreed and Death Before Dishonor.

Fu Manchu - Signs Of Infinite Power - LP - At The Dojo Records - 15.50 Euro
If life is a highway, Fu Manchu is its soundtrack. Over the last dozen years, the Southern California
quartet has perfected the art of the riff, mastered the depth of the groove and sharpened the edge
of the hook - and as their 11th album 'Signs Of Infinite Power' proves - the group's always-rockin'
van still has plenty of gas left in the tank, crossing the sounds of Foghat and 'Slip It In'-era Black Flag.
Although Fu Manchu alumni include such decorated names as Brant Bjork (Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age),
the group's line-up has been rock-solid since 2001. Now available on vinyl with a gatefold cover.

Hellbastard - The Need To Kill - LP - Civilisation Records - 9.90 Euro
HELLBASTARD are back, after many, many years of silence the Metal Crusties from the UK deliver a brand new album.
Singer and guitarist Scruff (only left member from the old line-up) added two new members, then they went to the
HELLFIRE Studios in Birmingham and recorded 14 furious Metal sonx for this LP. Some people will be surprised that
the new sound is very metallic but I love the new songs. Crushing, fast and thrashy sonx with a lot of variety,
way more modern Thrash Metal than the metallic Crust HELLBASTARD used to play in the past. This is the new
HELLBASTARD of today!Listen to their sound, bang your head and jump around like a maniac!

The Last Resort - You'll Never Take Us - CD - I Scream Records - 11.90 Euro
2009. The Last Resort are back with “You’ll Never Take Us”, their best album ever.The Last Resort, a name
synonymous with the Oi! Movement. Their reputation far outweighed their recorded output. This has resulted
in the band being given legendary status, despite only being together originally for little over a year
between 1980 and 1982.
Over the last year the band has written and recorded a long overdue new album featuring 14 brand new Oi!
anthems. “You’ll Never Take Us” is THE album the entire Oi! scene has been waiting for.
It’s all go for The Last Resort...Oi! Oi!

The Lobotomies - Big Bang Hangover - CD - EHC Records - 9.90 Euro
Serving up raw catchy hardcore punk that still manages to keep it's melodic side and be thrashy from start
to finish. That's quite a feat. Where their contemporaries fail at keeping your attention and songs seem
to become a blur, the Lobotomies manage to fuse their punk and hardcore influences into a coherent assault
leaving their generic counterparts waning. DIY hardcore punk as it was meant to be. With so many shows under
their belt they just keep getting better.'' We've been lucky enough to share the stage with bands like:
Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Leftover Crack, MDC, Oi Polloi, Citizen Fish, Anti-Nowhere League, Droppin'
Bombs, Only Fumes and Corpses, Axis Of, Cut The Reins, Officer name but a few! Debut Full length
out NOW!

Mastodon - Crack The Skye - LP - Reprise Records - 16.90 Euro
Mastodon has taken hold of the leadership of the new wave of progressive heavy metal. The band's 2006 major
label debut 'Blood Mountain' spun off a Grammy nomination and earned top 5 best album of the year nods from
Kerrang!, Revolver and Metal Hammer, and a top 10 at Rolling Stone. Now 'Crack The Skye,' its fourth original
studio album, mines subject matter from czarist Russia and astral travel to out-of-body experiences and Stephen
Hawking's theories on wormholes for an unrepentantly heavy aural assault that will shake the heavens. Now
available on vinyl.

Maximum Penalty - Life & Times - LP - Reaper Records - 12.50 Euro
In 1986, at the height of the hardcore movement in New York City, the underground scene gave birth to one
of the most original hybrids of hardcore. After over a decade, Maximum Penalty has had seven releases on
labels varying from Blackout Records to I Scream/Roadrunner Records, have toured the US and Europe, taken
hiatus and have now returned with a vengeance. October 2009 will bring the fruits of a seed first planted
in 1986 and since then been cultivated by many different hands.

Skarhead - Drugs, Music and Sex - LP/CD - Reality Records - 11.90 Euro
In 1995 New York hardcore legend Lord Ezec, aka Danny Diablo, formed the 7 piece thug-core ensemble SKARHEAD.
After a victorious run as the front man of Crown Of Thornz, Ezec decided to set a new trend with his street
blend of hardcore metal, hip hop and punk. A band built on the image of a street fighting legend from Queens
with a no compromising approach to life and music. Skarhead's debut, 'Drugs, Money & Sex' was released in
1997 and shortly after that they signed to Victory Records for the release of the world famous and classic
NYHC record “Kings at Crime”, which hit stores in 1999. The sounds of that Skarhead were amplifyed around
the globe through cassette tapes, CD's, stereo's and stage performances. Skarhead built a loyal world wide
following by considering the fans and the live show priority number 1. Being a lead vocalist and leader
in the hardcore community for over fifteen years, Lord Ezec is now back with Skarhead's long awaited new
record 'Drugs, Music & Sex'. Thirteen brand new tracks that will shake the fundaments of the hardcore,
metal & punk scene. A record with yet another impressive & distinct list of collaborations featuring some
of hardcore's greatest from the now and legends from the past such as Freddy Cricien, CIV, Eddie Leeway,
Jamey Jasta and Armand from SOIA, to name only a few. 'Drugs, Music & Sex' is already a classic and Ezec
has managed to record another timeless album for those who love a good blend of street brutality and the
most ignorant hardcore party anthems a band can create. T.C.O.B. - Skarhead 2009!

S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die - LP - Megaforce Records - 15.90 Euro
'Speak English Or Die' is the first studio album by the crossover thrash band Stormtroopers Of Death (S.O.D.).
After Anthrax finished recording 'Spreading The Disease,' there still was some studio time left, so Scott
Ian and Charlie Benante called some friends, practiced some songs and recorded it all within a week. It was
released in 1985 and re-released on the Megaforce label in August 1995. Now available again on vinyl.

Strike Anywhere - Iron Front - LP - Bridge 9 Records - 11.90 Euro
One of the most influential melodic hardcore bands of our time, Strike Anywhere, is set to release their Bridge Nine
debut, 'Iron Front.' Strike Anywhere's latest effort is thirteen songs of their own brand of fast and melodic
punk rock. While slightly heavier and noisier than their previous releases, 'Iron Front' features accessible
songs that address global and personal issues like human rights, war, politics and police brutality.

Wisdom In Chains - Everything You Know - LP/CD - I Scream Records - 11.90 Euro
Founded in early 2003, as a musical collaboration between musicians from both America and Europe,
Wisdom In Chains have put their mark on the American and European hardcore, punk and Oi! scene. Richie &
Mad Joe, who at the time both were in Krutch ('Whatever It Takes' released on I Scream Records in 2002)
Started Wisdom In Chains with Maarten from the Dutch band Daredevil and today, five years, 3 studio
albums and some members changes later, Wisdom In Chains are recording a brand new album this summer which
will see a worldwide release on I Scream Records this fall.

New 7"s

Backtrack - Deal With The Devil - 7" - 6131 Records - 4.90 Euro
Not only has Backtrack gained their peers' respect through strong touring, but they have received the acceptance
of NYHC legends as they have shared the stage with Killing Time, Breakdown, Cro-Mags and Murphy's Law.
Backtrack grew up in the streets of New York listening to these classic bands and have now begun to set
themselves on the same legendary plateau. For fans of Outburst, Breakdown, Trapped Under Ice and Madball.
7' includes digital download.

Bad Seed / War Hungry - Split 7" - 6131 Records - 4.90 Euro
After War Hungry's stellar breakout EP on 1917 and Bad Seed's critically acclaimed debut EP on 6131, the wheels
were set in motion for their powers to combine. This split features three exclusive tracks that finally gets
these two brother bands together on one release and is the fruit of a very tight relationship. It's only a
matter of time before Wilkes-Barre, PA is mentioned in the sequence of legendary hardcore cities, and it's
becoming obvious that Bad Seed and War Hungry put it there. 7' includes digital download.

Citizens Patrol - Demo 7" - Way Back When Records - 3.90 Euro
After the great Sick Routine and Dead Children Ep's on Crucial Attack Records, Way Back When Records was eager to release
the demo 7" on vinyl. Really great to complete your Citizens Patrol collection with this slap of wax. 500 copies only.

Fired Up 7"
This seven song EP is the final recording of Connecticut's Fired Up - intense hardcore similar to The First Step,
Insted and Youth Of Today. Features members of The First Step.

The Hunger - Winter 7"
The new 'Winter' EP of The Hunger is the first release after the 'Hope Against Hope' 12". JB from Dr. Doom recorded
two new tracks and the demo song "It's All Coming Apart" (with an additional intro added). Once again the two new
songs are very good and have that dark and broody nineties feel in it. The guys from the north haven’t forgotten
the good old groove that bands like Unbroken or Earth Crisis had.
"Without Deviation from the Norm, Progress is not Possible" is the most melodic one and with the vocals of Nico
this could've been a song of Omission. If you compare the new songs to the old stuff it becomes clear the band
has added more catchy riffs and grooves to their style. The owl on the front cover is the equivalent for this
wiser direction the band has taken.
Last time I've seen The Hunger they covered Helmet's "In The Meantime" and that perfectly matched their own sound.
Too bad it isn't on this EP, for the next release I demand they record this classic. Once again ‘Winter’ is a great
addition to The Hunger discography and I can’t wait for more material.This 7" is a co-release between Shield
Recordings and De Graanrepubliek.

Lion Of Judah - Number-rology - 7" - Youngblood Records - 5.50 Euro
DC's Lion of Judah return with their first offering since 2006. Three mind-bending new songs that take the direction
previously shown on 'Universal Peace' and push it further. This 7' comes with a meticulously executed die cut insert
and the first pressing is limited to 500 copies.

Never Again - Pressure - 7" - Worship Records - 3.90 Euro
Debut EP by Englands Never Again plays fast and aggressive Straight Edge Hardcore with both mosh and blast!
Think of Think I Care, XFilesX, Frostbite...

Not Sorry - Moving On - 7" - Lifeline Records - 4.90 Euro
Not Sorry is a straight edge band from Seattle, WA. Influenced by the sound of the late '80s Revelation Records
bands along with contemporaries from the late '90s, their purpose is to play stripped down, fast hardcore. Their
lyrics not only make kids want to sing along but to think about the world around them and how they choose to treat
others; human and animal alike. 7' includes MP3 digital download.

The Libyans - Crash Course - 7" - Headcount Records - 4.50 Euro
This is the third vinyl release by Libyans from Boston, MA. The title track is along the more melodic lines,
resembling 'Welcome To The Neighborhood,' with a taste of '77 punk to keep things interesting. The B-side is a more
straightforward romp with lots of guitar leads.


Adolescents - shirt - 13.90 Euro
Bad Brains - shirt - 13.90 Euro
Chain Of Strength - shirt /w Backprint - 12.90 Euro
Cornered - Sweatpants - 19.90 Euro
Gorilla Biscuits - Hold Your Ground - shirt - 12.90 Euro
Judge - New York Crew Shirt - shirt - 12.90 Euro
Turning Point -Liveshort - Shirt - 13.90
Warzone shirt


Story of Black Flag by Stevie Chick - Book - Omnibus Press - 17.90 Euro
'Spray Paint The Walls' tells Black Flag's story from the inside, drawing on exclusive interviews with the group's
members, their contemporaries and the bands they inspired. It's the story of Henry Rollins and his journey from fan
to iconic frontman. And it's the story of Greg Ginn, who turned his electronics company into one of the world's most
influential independent record labels while leading Black Flag from punk's three-chord frenzy into heavy metal and
free-jazz.416 pages. Approximately 6' x 9'. Paperback.

The Evolution Of A Cro-magnon by John Joseph - Book - Punkhouse - 19.90 Euro
In his new autobiography, NYHC legend John 'Bloodclot' Joseph recounts his hard times and spiritual redemption. A traumatic
childhood in foster homes was just the beginning of John's evolution. Before fronting one of the most important bands in
the underground punk scene, the Cro-Mags, John faced homelessness, addiction, betrayal and insanity. Still, even his
success couldn't save him from a relapse that set him back to square one - rock bottom. The book is a raw and unapologetic

Maximum rock n roll #321 Photo Issue - Zine - 4.00 Euro
Maximum Rocknroll #321 is a special photo issue featuring contributions from over 75 punk photographers from around the world.
Among the list are: longtime MRR contributor Murray Bowles (If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries…), Helge Schreiber, (compiler of the
last MRR photo issue, Welcome to Cruise Country, 1987), 924 Gilman St.’s house photographer Larry Wolfley, Brazilian photographers
and editors of Fodido E Xerocado, Mateus Mondini and Daigo Oliva. Also, Karoline Collins, Chrissy Piper, and Patrick Baclet (publisher
of the photobook, Out of Vogue). Plus, garage punk turkeys Mark “Icki” Murrmann & Chris “Canderson” Anderson. …and many, many more!!

Maximum rock n roll #322 - Zine - 4.00 Euro

The March 2010 issue of Maximum Rocknroll is hot off the presses! Our cover feature is an interview with DEATH, the almost forgotten,
classic 1970s Detroit African-American proto-punk band. We also talk to straight-edge rockers DEFENSA ABSOLUTA from Peru, and we get
the skinny on the controversial band DRY-ROT, whose religious undertones have caused quite a stir. Midwest mutant hardcore kids KIM
PHUC reveal their secrets, and we hear from Japan’s answer to Pushead, Sugi, a legend in the world of Japanese hardcore record art.
We’ve also got an interview with Michigan’s art-noise party-starters, DRUID PERFUME, and we leave you with a huge list of our contributors’
top ten favorite records from 2009. All that plus tons of columns, news, and the most extensive record, book, and zine review section in punk!


Black Flag - First Four Years - LP
Black Flag - Damaged - LP
Cock Sparrer - Shock Troops - 2xLP
Descendents - I Don't Want To Grow Up - LP
Descendents - Milo Goes To College - LP
Die Kreuzen - Self Titled - LP
Gorilla Biscuits - Self Titled - 7"
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today - LP
Hatebreed - Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire - LP
Judge - What It Meant - 2xLP - CD
Minor Threat - Out Of Step - LP
Regulations - Electric Guitar - LP
Regulations - Self Titled - LP
Warzone - The Sound Of Revolution - CD
Warzone - Fight For Justice - CD
Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls - LP
Youth Of Today - We're Not In This Alone - LP
Youth Of Today - Can't Close My Eyes - LP

[i]*** orders above 50 euro get 5% discount. Orders above 100 euro even get a 10% discount! ***[/i]

Thanks for reading!

Franke and Niels.
Crucial Attack Records & Distro.
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up !
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Ook binnenkort bij ons te bestellen, nieuwe Nederlandse plakken:

Greyline - Behind The Masquerade LP/CD
Sweet Empire - The Flood 7"
This Routine Is Hell - The Verve Crusade LP/CD
Otis - Storm Is Coming CD
Terror Defence - Break The Barricades 7"
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+ the works "mokum mokum" Ep.
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Sand Creek Massacre / Years of Decay - Split - LP
Dirty East Godverdomme - Alles Wat Hard Is Doet Pijn - LP

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