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Brat pack - update 2011
Gepost door: kjkepel gepost: 25-10-2011 14:45:24

Now that “Holland in the Hood” came to an end we need something else to look forward to! Personally i could do with a break: the last couple of weeks i’ve been tripping big time beeing on a strict diet of Roky Erickson tunes, BBC’s Planet Earth documentaries and to expensive drinks (Gin-tonic). And although the weather makes you want to stay indoors all day, its time to hit the road and do what we do best: listening to punkrock, talk about boobs, playing shows and show off some of the worst dance-moves in human history (think: Dirty Dancing goes Mad Max… believe me, its not a pretty sight.)


So we thought it would be a good idea to head for eastern europe again. Never change a winning team someone once said, and well we had a pretty awesome time beeing over there in 2009, so lets see if the people over there still remember us (Bonjorno, we’re back). Sadly our drummer Roel wont be able to come allong this time, touring doesnt fit his scedule anymore cause he’s focussing on other things in his live at the moment… Yes, the rumors are true… he just lost his virginity!! So Boris the drummer from This Routine Is Hell and overall good guy is filling in for him on this tour. Are you excited? Well we are… Check out the dates, cities and venues below. Its not a private party, so invite your friends!
Oct 28th Mannheim, DL (Juz…home of Litty)
Oct 29th Pilsen, CZ (Jizni Nadrazi)
Oct 30th Prague, CZ (Na Pul Cesty)
Oct 31st Budapest, HU (Obudai Probatermek)
Nov 01st Novi Sad, SER (CK13)
Nov 02nd Pula, KRO (Monte Paradiso)
Nov 03th Zagreb, KRO (AKC Medika)
Nov 04th Vienna, AU (EKH)
Nov 05th Munchen, DL (Kafe Marat)

New Record: Stupidity Returns + Repress: Hate the Neighbours

Another good reason to go… We released our record in May, and apart from the release weekend we didnt really have time to go on tour and promote the record! So everybody that downloaded the record can now buy it from us…We know who you are! And if that wasnt confronting enough, we’re even gonna bring the sold out Hate the Neighbours record with us aswell. Thats right, Crucial Attack did a repress of the record. Get your copy trough them or pick it up at one of our shows. But hey, keep downloading aswell…make Steve Jobs proud!


At the end of the year we are also gonna do a couple of weekend tours/shows in Germany with our buddies from Wanderlust. We basicly hang out with them every weekend already, so why not get in a van and annoy some Germans while doing so. If you dont know Wanderlust yet (you son of a silly person!), check em out! Beware:
Nov 25th Cologne, DL (Aetherblissement)
Nov 26th Munster, DL (Baracke)
Dec 09th Bochum, DL (Wagini)
Dec 10th Verden, DL (Juz Dampfmuehle)

And remember: “Im not better than Jay Z and Jay Z isnt better than me” MC Biggah, september 2011

Keep it DIY, stay true… HARDCORE!
Gepost door: pureandsimple gepost: 25-10-2011 15:09:44

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