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through these eyes

Band:Social Distortion
Jaar van uitgave:?
Release datum:

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  1. road zombie
  2. bad luck
  3. angel's wings
  4. ball&chain
  5. don't take me for granted
  6. company c
  7. footprints on my ceiling
  8. don't think twice
  9. i wasn't born to follow
  10. if you leave before me
  11. I won't run no more
  12. let the jukebox keep on playing
  13. lude boy
  14. making believe
  15. mommy's little monster
  16. prison bound
  17. ring of fire
  18. sick girls
  19. story of my life
  20. when the angels sing


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Gepost door: lowriderskin Gepost: 25-04-09 19:14:31
Company C is een van mijn favoriete nummers ooit!!

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