The Casualties - Canít stop us Mexico/Japan

25-03-06 00:19:02 / door davidpoison / band: The Casualties / album: The Casualties - Canít stop us Mexico/Japan (2006)

The Casualties - Canít stop us Mexico/Japan

Iím not the worldís biggest fan of this kind of punkrock, but I really enjoyed this DVD!

The Casualties are copying the sound that made bands like The Exploited, GBH and Broken Bones worldwide phenomenonís and are adding a slight hardcore touch.

Awesome to see the footage they filmed in Mexico. People over there arenít used to have bands from the US touring so they are going nuts all over the place. Dangerous situations and riots are no exception. The most memorable moment of the Mexico part is singer Jorge whoís asking a kid in the audience to come up stage and explain why he was giving the finger to the band during one of their songsÖawesome!

Second part of the DVD is their Japan tour. Good quality of live recordings (at least for this kinda music) and crazy Japanese punx going apeshit. Never thought The Casualties were that big! If you have the chance to see this footage, than by all means watch it, punk rock can still be dangerous and thatís a good thing!

Score: 70/100

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