Murder City Devils brengen vinyl-box uit

18-01-09 15:37:00 / door mano-revolver

De Murder City Devils hebben op hun website aangekondigd een vinyl box uit te zullen brengen die 3 platen en de ep 'Thelema' zal bevatten plus wat extra's. Lees hier onder het officiele bericht;

Bundled in a custom made package with a button and string closure, each set will be hand-numbered and contain one of a kind photos, stencils, posters and other pieces unique to each set. Who knows, you might end up with rare promo photos, press stickers, outtake / live photos, studio notes, sketches, old set lists, old backstage passes, Gabe’s electric bill … anything from the massive MCD archives that can fit into a flat 12″ box. Each package will have the four 12″ records on exclusive white vinyl, a totally unique set of bonus items, be hand-numbered and shrink wrapped air tight so nobody but nobody will know what’s in there until you get it home and open it up. (We’ll know, and we’ll be keeping track.)

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