Gewapend Beton tekent bij GSR

20-08-10 16:28:00 / door pureandsimple / band: Gewapend Beton

De CD versue van het aanstaande album van Gewapend Beton (Big Dumb Kids) zal op GSR uitkomen.

Het label had het volgende persbericht:
Amsterdam based Gewapend Beton formed in 2003 and after several succesful releases like "17 UNTIL WE DIE" & "EMPTY BATTERIES", Gewapend Beton is now working on a brand new full length album "BIG DUMB KIDS", scheduled for release in early 2011 on GSR Music as CD and a 12” vinyl version will be released too on a different label, more info about this soon! The new abum will be recorded later this year with Igor Wouters (Backfire!) as producer. This new material that goes back to the UK punk roots, mixed up with classic hard rock riffs and leads without losing hardcore intensity, will also feature on a free sampler with 3 songs. This promo will appear on both CD including a video clip and on 7'' vinyl, available from late September 2010 @ all upcoming Gewapend Beton showsGewapend Beton will tour Europe from October 27th till mid November.

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Haha lekker hardcore

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