Nieuwe plaat Authority Zero

15-01-13 22:27:00 / door pureandsimple / band: Authority Zero

Authority Zero zal 2 april een nieuwe plaat uit hebben genaamd The Tipping Point. Zanger Jason Devore had er het volgende over te zeggen:

" The closest thing I can think of is how I felt when we first released A Passage In Time so many years ago. You feel you're really doing something right when you and the members of your band are rocking out to it like it's their new favorite album that just came out. That's how it should feel. The energy, the intensity, and collaborative sounds along with a new realm of production working with Cameron Webb has made it extremely intense. It's a taste of the old school and slingshots into new areas and veins of music we have yet to tap into as well as some surprises. It's an album based on the idea of tipping the scales, unity, causing a ruckus while forging on, and the history and future of all who have been involved and will for years to come."

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