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Social D. over nieuwe plaat

20-01-13 14:49:00 / door pureandsimple / band: Social Distortion

Social Distortion gitarist Jonny “2 Bags” Wickersham sprak over de opvolger van Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes (Epitaph Records, 2011)
It’s good. It’s got some new stuff and some kind of new-old stuff that we’ve been playing live. A couple of tracks that Mike [Ness] had from years back that we’ve been doing in our set recently that may or may not make it on to the next record. It’s kind of the usual thing for us, where we’ll get some ideas and we’ll just throw them in the set and see how it goes. Social D’s always been known for playing songs live before they’re recorded. That hasn’t changed. We’ve been kind of doing the same thing. We do that, and then when it comes time to really get in the studio, that’s when we go through and focus in on what is going to make the record or not. [We] do demos and see what stuff is turning out better in the studio or not. It’s been my experience a lot of times that songs which seemed to be really cool live didn’t work out so great recorded [laughs].”
“After we’re finished with this run of shows, we’re going to take some time off because we’ve been on the road for about two years straight. We’re just going to take some time off, and everybody’s probably going to go live their lives for a while [laughs]. Maybe do different music stuff. Just get away from the SD thing for a while

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Gepost door: laer Gepost: 21-01-13 17:59:03
Nieuwe plaat in de maak? Eerst een soort van pauze dus.. ben wel weer siked. Deze band verveelt nooit.
Gepost door: davidpoison Gepost: 22-01-13 11:56:07
opnieuw in een serieuze SD fase hiero

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