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Mike Clark (Suicidal Tendencies) nieuwe band

09-03-13 13:59:00 / door pureandsimple / band: Suicidal Tendencies

Gitarist Mike Clark zit niet meer bij Suicidal Tendencies. Hij zal dan ook niet te horen zijn op het aanstaande album 13 van de legendarische crossover band. De nieuwe band van Mike Clark heet Waking the Dead en is volgens geruchten de exacte line-up van de pre-Suicidal Tendencies band No Mercy. Mike had het volgende te zeggen:
Some of you may be wondering what I’ve been up to for the last seven months or so. Well, I’ve always had a dream of fronting my own band, that is playing both rhythm and lead guitars and singing which is why I left Suicidal in June to recreate the band I founded in 1985, No Mercy. Unfortunately I cannot use the name No Mercy, as it’s been trademarked by WWE, so we are now calling the band Waking the Dead. We are re-releasing the No Mercy original album, which Mike Muir sang on with two additional tracks, also featuring Muir on vocals to let you know where and how the band would sound had it kept going. Also, I, with Waking the Dead, have been given the great opportunity to open the show for Suicidal’s upcoming tour this April, which is a great honor for us. After that, look forward to a Waking the Dead full-length album in the near future. Once again, I can’t tell you how excited and honored I am to hit the stage again! So get ready for your ears to bleed, that head to bang and that slam pit to go off!!

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