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Naam : Poison Idea
Genre : Hardcore
Land : Amerika


Poison Idea
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Poison Idea - Latest will and testament 07-07-06 / Album review / 5 reactie(s)

These hardcore heavyweights' broad appearance (nearly all the band members could be generously described as obese) gave little credence to the harsh, speedy rock path they pursued. Formed in Portland, Oregon, USA, in late 1980, their first incarnation featured Jerry A. (vocals), Pig Champion (guitar), Chris Tense (bass) and Dean Johnson (drums). They debuted with the unwieldy EP Pick Your King, which contained no less than 13 tracks, packaged in a sleeve featuring Elvis Presley on one side and Jesus Christ on the other. By the time of Kings Of Punk they were slightly more tuneful, but no less belligerent. However, Johnson and Tense were both fired and replaced by Steve "Thee Slayer Hippy" Hanford (drums) and Tim Paul (ex-Final Warning, now Gruntruck; bass). The sound was also filled out with additional guitarist Vegetable (ex-Mayhem). However, Tim Paul only lasted one abortive gig (just one song, in fact) before being replaced by the returning Tense. His tenure, though slightly longer, lasted only until the release of War All The Time, after which Mondo (also ex-Mayhem) joined. The line-up wars continued after "Getting The Fear" was released, with Vegetable sacked on New Year's Eve, replaced by Kid Cocksman (ex-Gargoyle; guitar), and Mondo quit after the appropriately titled "Discontent". Myrtle Tickner (ex-Oily Bloodmen) then became the band's fourth bass player. Aldine Striknine (guitar, ex-Maimed For Life) stepped in for the next casualty, Cocksman (apparently sacked for being too thin), to record Feel The Darkness, after which Mondo returned once more, this time on second guitar. Despite the line-up confusions and obvious gimmickry, they produced a body of work of some substance, characterized by a lyrical preference for matters alcoholic and sexual, with some of the world's great song titles ("Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes", etc.). Live, they were both enormously impressive and impressively enormous. After We Must Burn Poison Idea disbanded, with Jerry A recording as Gift, and Tense and Johnson forming Apartment 3G. In 1996, the band re-formed with Jerry A and Champion recruiting Johnson (drums) and Tense (bass), and releasing Pig's Last Stand.

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