Sloppy Seconds

Naam : Sloppy Seconds
Genre : Punk-rock
Land : Amerika
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Sloppy Seconds debuut LP reissue 27-05-10 / Nieuws / 1 reactie(s)

Simply calling Sloppy Seconds a punk band would be a major cop-out. Not only does Sloppy Seconds share the rich Indiana heritage that spawned Steve McQueen, Charles Manson, James Dean, The Rev. Jim Jones, and David Lee Roth, but also the raw presence, style and charisma of those icons.

The band's story began at a weekend-long house party when singer B.A., bassist, Bo-Ba Jam, drummer Steve Sloppy, and guitarist Roadkill set down their beers long enough to massacre a few cover tunes (hence Sloppy Seconds) and wake up their neighbors. After a short spell honing their original material and live intensity, the Sloppys released the amazing debut album Destroyed to the world. With each new release they have carved out a niche that targets themes close to their hearts: porn stars, parties, junk food, TV re-runs, beer blasts, comic books, strippers, B-Movies, 70's nostalgia, 80's cynicism, and 90's complacency.

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