Reno Divorce

Naam : Reno Divorce
Genre : Punk-rock
Land : Amerika
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Reno Divorce
Tears Before Breakfast
I-Scream Records
Reno Divorce
Naysayers and yesmen/Laugh now, cry later
Street anthem records
Reno Divorce
You're only making it worse
Boss Tuneage
Reno Divorce
naysayers and yesmen
Boss Tuneage Records


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So you’re listening to the radio, right? And you hear what they’re calling “punk rock” today, and you wonder to yourself, “What the hell happened?” Tired of all the cute bands that have lunch boxes and Trapper Keeper folders for sale at Toys R Us, you go back to where you used to go to find music: the underground. The smoky, scum-ridden bars, and the dusty mom & pop record stores. Where you know the music is still pure, and the lyrics ring true. That’s where you’ll find Reno Divorce.

Formed in Orlando, Florida in 1996, Reno Divorce was forged on the strength of the songs created by Brent Loveday (Vocals/Lead Guitar). Together with the original line-up of the band, Brent created a sound that was equal parts early 80s punk, rock n’ roll swagger, and melodic hooks, and delivered it to the people via Reno Divorce’s 1997 debut EP, Web of Lies. Many shows and broken strings later, they followed it in 1998 with the All Throttle, No Bottle 7” single, which received rave reviews in both Flipside and Maximum Rock N’ Roll.

Life’s trials and tribulations lead to a split in the Fall of 1998. Brent left Florida and wrote many songs while living in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but could never quite find the right guys. In the Summer of 2000, he and original Reno Divorce member Tony Owens (Guitar) re-united in Denver, Colorado, a new location that circumstance had chosen for them. They immediately began looking for a new rhythm section.

Seth Evans (Bass), a musical virtuoso, was the first to join. After a long search for the right man, Andrew Erich (Drums), a hard-hitting veteran of the Seattle punk and metal circuit with a head for the business end of rock, joined in April 2001. The band immediately began playing shows in and around Colorado, and recorded the tracks that would comprise their debut full-length album, Naysayers And Yesmen, in June of 2001.

Without a label to support them, they pressed 400 copies of their new album, Naysyers And Yesmen, on CD-Rs and hit the road to tour the East Coast and Midwest with their hero Scott Reynolds (ex-ALL singer) and his band of swashbuckling brigands The Pavers in November of 2001. All of the copies sold, and the band continued to make more, burning CDs until Andrew’s computer just wouldn’t make them anymore.

The tour opened many doors for the band and soon they found themselves sharing the stage with the likes of the Reverend Horton Heat, ALL, Wesley Willis, The DK Kennedys, The Original Sinners, Wire, and many more. Through these achievements, and their friendship with The Pavers, they struck-up a deal with Boss Tuneage Records, a small but prolific UK label. Naysayers And Yesmen was properly released to rave reviews in Europe, the UK, Japan, and the U.S. in June of 2002. While the album went into an emergency second pressing to meet demand, Reno Divorce set out on a European Tour with The Pavers in October.

Upon returning home from Europe, adversity once again reared its double ugly head when Seth and Tony both left Reno Divorce, to pursue other interests. The band quickly recruited rock solid melodic string mangler Todd Grow (Bass), a founding member of Colorado punk legends The Nobodys. Not wanting to jumble their new stripped-down sound, Reno Divorce have opted to remain a 3-piece for the foreseeable future.

Re-aligned and more fierce than ever, Reno Divorce are currently working on their second full-length album, which should see release in 2003 and be followed by more touring in the U.S. and Europe. Watch for them when they hit your town.

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