Unite Against Society

Naam : Unite Against Society
Genre : Oi!
Land : BelgiŽ
Website : http://www.uas.be/


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We started off in the summer of 1996 as four friends playing some covers, just out of boredom. We chose our band name from a piece of lyrics from "The Voice Of OI!" by german OI!-band SMEGMA. Our first line-up consisted of Stan on vocals, Barry on bass, Berre on guitar and David on drums. After a few months we organised our own gig, supporting The End Of Ernie and Funeral Dress.
That same year, Barry organised two gigs where we played. The first gig was with Funeral Dress,Public Toys, English Dogs and U.K.Subs. The second also with Public Toys and Funeral, but with Chaos U.K. and 999 to get the crowd moving. After that we were on track... After the first demo, Barry left the band and Glenn took his place. We recorded the second demo tape and then a demo-CD. Through the internet, we got in touch with HELEN OF OI! and we releases our first CD. So it's just the beginning...

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