Born from pain

Naam : Born from pain
Genre : Hardcore
Land : Nederland
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Born from pain
In love with the end


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BORN FROM PAIN was founded in the early summer of '97 after the demise of the glorious Feeding The Fire. Rob, formerly of Point Of No Return, Feeding The Fire, Backdraft and Wheel Of Progress, and Che, decided to start a new , raw , heavy and in-your-face hardcore band, along with their friends Wouter, formerly of Feeding The Fire, and Serve , formerly of Quarantine. The outcome was BORN FROM PAIN. The band started doing gigs late summer of that very same year, unleashing the rage upon mankind. Playing an energetic mix of modern NY-style hardcore, with a big metal influence, combined with lyrics spewing anger and frustration, they've earned themselves a lot of respect almost everywhere they've been. Since that summer these guys have played tons of shows with a wide variety of bigger, and smaller, hardcore acts. Leaving them with nothing but good responses by everyone who'd witnessed their ever-raging live performance. Due to this they've earned a couple of record-deals which resulted in a split 7" with the notorious Iron Skull on Fat For Life Records from Switzerland, and their own 5-song MCD called "Immortality", released by England-based Contrition Records. The first pressing of that MCD sold-out within 3 months. Since that very release these guys have gone on a successful 3-week European tour with America's Cold As Life, did several short tours and played memorable gigs with hardcore heavyweights like Skarhead, Shelter, Madball, Agnostic Front, Biohazard, Merauder, Ignite, Hatebreed and Motorhead. Over the summer of '99 a second guitarist, named Stefan, was added, to make their live-performances even more powerful. In that period of time newly founded Dutch label Gangstyle Records signed BORN FROM PAIN to release their debut full-length with them, just like a re-release of the sold out “Immortality” Mcd. That Mcd sold out very quickly and is currently being repressed again, due to popular demand. A year after that their first full-length CD, named "Reclaiming The Crown", was released upon humanity. It meant the first breakthrough for Born From Pain. After this amazing shows at Europe’s biggest hardcore stages followed, like the European Hardcore Party(nl), Hardcore Valley Summer Fest(nl), Goodlife Fest(be), Dour Fest(be), Evil Fest(uk) and Ieper Fest(be), just like an overwhelming amount of gigs throughout the whole of Europe, ranging from Spain to Finland and from Greece to England. Recently their most up to date effort has been put out by Gangstyle Records; the split MCD with Redline from the US, named “Swift, Silent, Deadly”. It contains 2 skull-crushing, brand-new Born From Pain tracks. As we speak plans for extensive touring are made (whole month of August with Canada’s A Death For Every Sin) just like the release of the second full-length effort. Feel the terror in 2002!!!

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