Black Friday ' 29

Naam : Black Friday ' 29
Genre : Hardcore
Land : Duitsland
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Black Friday´29 was started in the winter of 2001 with the intention to establish a traditional straight edge hardcore band and having a vent for the frustrations of every-day-life in these times. After the breaking up of bands that played hardcore the way we like it, we wanted to be active ourselves. Playing our music, screaming our emotions, travelling to shows and putting straight edge hardcore back on the map were our intentions.
The music Black Friday´29 plays is highly influenced by bands from the early to late eighties like Antiodote, the Cro- Mags, Youth Of Today and modern bands from the nineties such as Mouthpiece and Right Brigade. Cross all these bands and you might get Black Friday´29´s music and message.
Black Friday´29 just states to play a blend of angry Hardcore as it was meant to be with their own personal message.
In the past Black Friday´29 released a demotape on BloodyXSunday Records in february 2002 that was followed by a 7" entitled "Blackout" on Crucial Response Records (As well as their brotherband Death Or Glory did). The CD version of "Blackout" contains both, 7" and demo as bonus in a remixed and remastered version, as well as a video clip enhancement. It is out since June now. Order it from In order to promote those outputs the band keeps busy playing numerous shows all over europe.
Black Friday´29 did one north european tour and one south european tour in Spain and Portugal only so far and went to england two times already. So they hit up places such as Barcelona, Lisbon, Stockholm, Oslo, Vienna, Manchester and Arnhem.
Those aforementioned recordings plus the raw and furios live performance led to a wide attention within the Hardcore scene and brought Black Friday´29 more shows such as the European Hardcore Party and Biohazard, Hatebreed and Youth Of Today support gigs.

The future looks bright since Black Friday´29 is going to appear on a compilation on Crucial Response Records, another straight edge compilation on Porcell´s label Fight Fire with Fire Records and recently released a split 7" with their friends What Went Wrong from Portugal on I Owe You Nothing Records.

Dennis Schmidt - drums
Sven Sommerfeld and Pete Görlitz - guitars
Dennis Sommer - bass
Björn Esser - vocals

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