Real McKenzies

Naam : Real McKenzies
Genre : Punk-rock
Land : Amerika
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Real McKenzies
Shine not Burn
Fat Wreck
Real McKenzies
Off The Leash
Fat Wreck Chords
Real McKenzies
Oot & Aboot

Real McKenzies
Pissed Tae Th' Gills

Real McKenzies
Lochd & Loaded
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The infamous modern-day Celtic bards known as the Real McKenzies hail from Vancouver, BC and are a punk band deeply rooted in their Scottish heritage with a sound best described as the Sex Pistols meet Scottish folk legend Robbie Burns. The Scottish term Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee), is the main reason why the Real McKenzies formed and their chief inspiration. Ceilidh, according to the McKenzies, is a Gaelic word meaning “A wicked party which carries on for days”.

With nearly 10 years of mayhem under their sporrans, The Real McKenzies are true road warriors. Always touring, always drinking, and always rockin’, the haggis-fueled McKenzie clan is hearty bunch that desires only to bring their brand of Celtic punk rock to every remote corner of the globe. Dirty Kurt puts it best, “We’ve been through tons of members, tons of broken bones, and tons of beer!” Their unending tour schedule would make William Wallace himself exhausted.

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