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Genre : Punk-rock
Land : Amerika
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No Motiv - Winterlong 29-03-12 / Album review / 2 reactie(s)

bio 11.6.2003 - written by our friend Balt Cano

Transition is never easy. Sometimes events occur at random in order to shape, shift, and determine the end result of a band. While a lot of bands fear reinventing themselves and respond by putting out the same record every year, or jumping on the band wagons that are constantly on the roll, No Motiv have embraced a different approach by allowing change to work for them rather than against them.

Following the release of their second album, Diagram for Healing, and several cross-country tours with acts like Face to Face, MXPX, Jimmy Eat World, and Good Riddance, a much needed break was in order. After a two year break, the guys are back with a new release entitled Daylight Breaking - a record much darker than previous releases while at the same time (as expected) an honest effort. The title signifies a new direction and a sense of new life for the band. It marks the band's first self-produced release which gave the group a new sense of responsibility. Whether it came to compromising ideas, tracking until the early morning, or showing up to the studio on time (which has not changed), the band was able to grow, and add something else to their resume. Rounding out this list of news is the addition of bassist Jeff Hershey and Roger Camero's move to drums. While this facelift might make fans take a second glance, the new line up promises to be the best fit considering Jeff's long-standing friendship with the band, and the fact that Roger has spent most of his time, since puberty, behind a drum set.

The changes within the band may seem major but the enthusiasm to create and perform live has grown stronger than ever. Judging by their pep-talks before shows and their obvious concern to make things gel better sonically and visually, there's no mistaking that this is a band destined to make the best of what's been dealt to them. In the meantime be sure to catch No Motiv on the road, a stage, or a Wafflehouse throughout the new year.

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