I Reject

Naam : I Reject
Genre : Hardcore
Land : Nederland
Website : http://ireject.cjb.net


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I-REJECT "When Push Comes to... 29-08-05 / Nieuws / 0 reactie(s)

In 1994 old school fury appeared on the horizon with a new name. I-Reject originated in Zuid Holland and grew out to be a band to be reckoned with in the present and future. Their present line-up is:

Sander van Rhijn - throat
Rudo Olyslager - guitar
Job van de Zande - bass
Jonathan van der Haak - drums

Mixing all the old to the new school flavours into a blend that's best described as "fast and hard, rough and tough", I-Reject produces a variety of furious hardcore anthems, especially appropiate for mass sing-a-long pile-ons and violent moshing. Playing numerous raging shows in- and outside their native country, I-Reject has been able to build up a respectable following in the western part of Europe. But the story doesn't end here…there are more territories to be conquered. Backed up by successful releases and upcoming fury I-Reject is ready to convince the rest of the world of the quality of their hardcore. Be aware of it…

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