San Andreas

Naam : San Andreas
Genre : Emo-core
Land : Nederland
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San Andreas
Man Or Monster
Lockjaw Records


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It’s June 2004 when brothers, both guitarists, Robert and Peter Mol decided to form a new band with drummer Jeroen Jaquet. All they needed was a singer and bass-player. Shortly after the start of their search they included bass-player Hugo Spruijt and Stephan-Sopo as lead-singer for this mix of hardcore, emo and nu-metal. Nowadays they’re known as San Andreas, emocore from the western part of The Netherlands. Affected by bands like Glassjaw, The Used and Poison The Well. This 5-piece formation had just one goal for the beginning: creating a demo-CD to get as many shows and reviews as possible…

All driven by each other they retreated to their rehearsalstudio to compose at least 10 songs for mindblowing live-shows and a stunning demo compilation. Their recording started in August 2004 produced and mixed at home, all by themselves. This demo contains 3 songs of their own.

With the start of gigs in the end of 2004 the rise of the band hopefully really starts. Future plans are to create a full length CD and to play clubs and festivals all over Europe. Also merchandising including stickers, buttons and clothing is considered by the band.

...experience mindblowing emocore from the western part of The Netherlands, brought to you by San Andreas...

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