Against All Authority

Naam : Against All Authority
Genre : Ska punk
Land : Amerika
Website :


Against All Authority
Nothing New For Trash Like You
Sub City Records
Against All Authority
24 Hour Roadside Resistance
Hopeless Records
Against All Authority
All Fall Down
Hopeless Records
Against All Authority
Destroy What Destroys You
Far Out Records


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Against All Authority is a politically inspired punk-ska band from Miami, Florida. They have been the textbook definition of "D.I.Y." from the band's beginning in 1993. From day one, they have put out their own records, booked their own tours, and even silk-screened all of their shirts. For those of you that don't know, this is an incredible amount of work. AAA have put out a full length CD, and six 7"s, including splits with The Pist, Less Than Jake, and Anti-Flag. They have supported these releases with three North American tours (including the Skankin in the Pit tour with Falling Sickness and Assorted Jelly Beans) helping them to find loyal fans in every town.

Against All Authority has released two full lengths on Hopeless Records. "All Fall Down", in 1998, and most recently "24 Hour Roadside Resistance". They have also released a split 10" with the Criminals on Sub City, in which some of the proceeds go to NEED, a needle exchange program. AAA has toured all over the world from Eastern Europe to Southern California and everywhere in between. Sub City has also released a collection of AAA's b-sides and unreleased tracks. The album is called "Nothing New for Trash Like You", and is available now.

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