Left Alone

Naam : Left Alone
Genre : Ska punk
Land : Amerika
Website : http://www.leftalone.net


Left Alone
Hellcat Records


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One of the most hard working independent bands in the underground scene today, LEFT ALONE have truly made their mark! Started back in 1996 by Elvis Cortez (guitar/vocals) it has been nonstop from the first punk rock keg party in MAY of 1996 to their last tour the 2004 VANS WARPED TOUR. Drawing influences from bands such as the CLASH, RANCID, SWINGIN UTTERS, OPERATION IVY and ELVIS COSTELLO, LEFT ALONE manage to bring a new sound true to their roots they so much love. From the streets of Wilmington, Ca. comes this 4 piece that slowly moved from the backyards to local clubs selling out shows just by word of mouth. With a huge D.I.Y ethic, Elvis started SMELVIS RECORDS to release his bandsí records. LEFT ALONE book their own tours, make their own merchandise and even tune their own guitars. Their body of work includes 3 E.P.ís, 3 Splits, 2 Singles, 2 full length albums and they have been on tons of punk and ska compilations such as the WARPED TOUR 2004 comp and the BACKYARD CITY ROCKERS 1 and 2.

Singing in both English and Spanish they have managed to win over fans in the U.S. Canada and in Mexico. They have Toured Mexico with Voodoo Glow Skulls and Union 13. In the states they have shared stages with the HorrorPops, Duane Peters and the Hunns, 1208, the Briggs, the Briefs, the Nerve Agents, the Groovie Ghoulies, U.S. Bombs, L.E.S. Stitches and F-Minus. In 1996 Elvis opened the now defunct PCH club in Wilmington and thatís where they would get opening slots for national touring acts as they came through town.

In 2003 Elvis went on the VANS WARPED TOUR as a roadie with a backpack full of clothes and case full of CDís handing them out to just about anyone who would look in his direction. Elvis applied to have his band be the 2004 Warped Tour BBQ band and gave it to Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman. Months after, they both had a meeting and LEFT ALONE was on board for 2004. On that tour they earned everyoneís respect by working hard, playing show after show and cooking after every show to some 500 people a night. No matter if they played at 11:30 am to 40 kids or if it was at 3pm on the main stage in front of 5,000 they never took anything for granted and played every set like it was their last. Now that 2005 is here the boys have gotten the opportunity to once again be the BBQ band and with the added experience from last year under their belt, this summer will prove to be the best one yet!

nieuwe album uit op de 21ste op epitaph/hell cat

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