Point At Others

Naam : Point At Others
Genre : Hardcore-Punk
Land : Nederland
Website : http://www.pointatothers.com


Point At Others
Point at Others


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Point At Others - Point at Others 08-11-06 / Album review / 1 reactie(s)
Point at Others MCD en 7 inch 06-09-06 / Nieuws / 2 reactie(s)

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Point at Others started in the summer of 2005.

That exact same year they recorded their first demo.
These recordings were received well and showed the
world that Point at Others was more than an oneday fly.

After this, the band started a journey performing at numerous
(inter)national gigs and festivals in 2005 and 2006, containing highlights
like the playing alongside bands like Born From Pain, No Turning Back
and I-Reject.

Crashlanding Records, The Shield Recordings & Dp (Or not DP) records
released the Point at Others 7" and mini-cd in the fall of 2006.
Which was soon followed by airplay on Kink FM.

With heavy and energetic shows the band is ready to make 2007 their
year and step to the forefront as one of the most promising heavy bands from Holland.

Expect a harder, heavier, crazier and more powerful full length in 2008.

Rock 'n' Roll Baby!

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