Naam : Deadline
Genre : Streetpunk
Land : Engeland
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Bring The House Down
People Like You
Live & Loud In Germany
People Like You Records
We're Taking Over
I used to fuck people like you in prison records
Take a good look
People like you
Getting serious
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It all started in London in 1999 when Liz stepped on stage during a GUNDOG show and went down a storm… her voice and presence left the crowd begging for more… She already knew how to sing, she already knew what name she wanted for her band, she just needed some reliable musicians to work with… Without any hesitation, Ray, Nic and Herve decided to start a band with her as a punkier alternative to their other bands: GUNDOG and KNUCKLEDUST.

DEADLINE started rehearsing as a 4 piece later that year. Without any delay they started writing songs for a debut ep. After a few rehearsals, James from GUNDOG and WARRIORS decided that he had to join the band too making the definite line up as follows: Ray: drums, Nic: guitar, James: guitar, Herve: bass, Liz: vocals.
The band soon booked an afternoon in the studio to record 3 instant classic tracks for a self produced 7" ep: TV Dreams.
This record released in March 2001 sold 1000 copies within 4 weeks through word of mouth in the DIY circuit and instantly confirmed DEADLINE as a force to be reckoned with.
DEADLINE early live shows instantly got a positive response from the crowd, obviously all those years of hard work gigging with KNUCKLEDUST and GUNDOG were paying off.

A full length album "More To It" (New Blood CD01) was recorded over the summer of 2001 and hit the record shops in October 2001. The vinyl version was released on German label/zine Plastic Bomb…It sold more than 4500 units since that date and the interest into the band is growing on a daily basis. The band has played with the bigger names of the scene like The Business, Conflict and The Damned to name but a few and has gained a reputation for its superb live performances... seeing is believing!!!

In spring 2002, DEADLINE went on a very successful German tour which left the crowds speechless… after a few more Euro shows, they played in front of a packed venue at HITS Blackpool and went back to Germany late August as main support for no less than The ADICTS… Guess what? They went down a storm!... and they are now ready to headline their own shows. No doubt this band will make it big time on the European Streetpunk scene. Keep your eyes open for DEADLINE because they might well be the best streetpunk band this side of 2000.

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