Naam : Vain
Genre : Punk n roll
Land : Amerika
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Vain - On the line 06-04-06 / Album review / 0 reactie(s)

Davy Vain(vocals)
Ashley Mitchell (bass)
Jamie Scott (guitars)
Danny West (guitars)
Louie Senor (drums)

Davy Vain has a list of accomplishments under his belt few artists today can rival. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Davy began his rise as the frontman/songwriter/producer for the band "Vain". Their debut record, "No Respect" (originally released by Island Records, re-released by Gott Discs), continues to receive critical acclaim worldwide having landed them on the cover of such notable music publications as Kerrang! and BAM. It is clearly evident from the praise garnered from the music press and more importantly other musicians, that Davy has an incredible knack for writing great songs.

As the music industry progressed and changed, Davy explored his creativity and musicianship even further. Remaining true to his musical integrity, 2000's “In From Out of Nowhere” is filled with catchy hooks and choruses, rampant with melodies, and loaded with fresh and creative guitar sounds. Davy's voice is one of the most unique, hypnotic and original voices in rock and roll. It invokes and inspires you with a style that is entirely his own. His recorded and live performances are electric, raw, and infused with a power and magic that is as rare today as it was when Davy first started playing out.

In addition to the laurels he has reaped as a musician, Davy is also a respected producer, working with a wide array of artist on other labels such as Sub Pop and Man's Ruin as well as producing three other records under the Vain moniker.

The bands' current lineup includes original Vain members, Ashley Mitchell, Jamie Scott & Danny West, in addition to Senor.

One listen to his latest material and you'll see why some artists endure while others fade away.

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