The King Blues

Naam : The King Blues
Genre : Ska
Land : Engeland
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London's best kept secret THE KING BLUES burst out of Londonís squat
scene in 2004. Consisting of 2 acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass and a
ukulele, The King Blues blend soulful ska with raw folk and a punk rock
attitude to create an exciting, fresh and unique sound that can only be
described as good music. Their awe inspiring live show and conscious,
political message have left crusty punks, hip hop heads and ska fans
all singing their praises.
Their debut "Under the Fog" will take the UK by storm, winning over
many new fans in 2006. A mix of finely crafted songwriting, doo wop
harmonies and street poetry means The King Blues are definitely ones to
watch. Song topics range from CCTV to wizards to life on the dole and
of course, the love of music itself.
Exciting times are ahead for this fierce young talent with bags of
determination. Itís safe to say that The King Blues wonít remain merely
a cult band for much longer. The working class youth of inner city
London are fighting back. Which side are you on?

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