Waking The Dead

Naam : Waking The Dead
Genre : Thrash punk
Land : Nederland
Website : http://www.skateordiemotherfucker.nl/...


Waking The Dead
DFC split
Dead Area
Waking The Dead
Dead Area Release


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From the ashes of Skulls And Flames Waking the dead arise.
Waking the dead actually formed 5 minutes after Dave d. drove away at ed's house when he announced to quit with saf!
Ed and Mike d. agreed continue to thrash and shred together with a new project. Ed switched from 4 string assault to 6 string mayhem and Mike still try's to hit drums. Soon we found Jaap and Tim from Amsterdam to fill in on screams and 4 string assault.
Expect again some fast thrashing, for the complete sound we refer to venice bands as no mercy and evol.
Early 2007 we will record our first demo and we're ready to hit the stage. Early May there will be a mini tour to the UK.

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