Final Stand

Naam : Final Stand
Genre : Hardcore-Punk
Land : Nederland
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Final Stand
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Final Stand komt met een 3-songs Tape 20-12-07 / Nieuws / 7 reactie(s)
DVD Trilob Video-zine 20-12-07 / Nieuws / 4 reactie(s)
Final Stand - S/T 14-12-07 / Album review / 10 reactie(s)

No need to come up with a lot lines of promotional and historical bullshit.

Here is Final Stand, a pretty new band from the 038/a28 area. Final Stand makes Hardcore music with both oldschool and newschool influence. Right now their demo containing four songs is being finished at Mark's Geluidsstudio ( A raw mix of the song Broken is online for your judgement.


After the split up of Upshot in the summer of '06 Jeroen (drums), Willem (guitar) and Ramon (bass) decided to start a new band. With Robin (vocals) joining them, Final Stand was complete. After a long period of intensive rehearsal sessions they played their first chaotic show in March @ ít Proathuus in Wijhe.

Right now Final Stand is ready to play anytime!!, anywhere!!. Contact: . Greets.

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