Dark Intentions

Naam : Dark Intentions
Genre : Mosh
Land : Nederland
Website : http://www.darkintentions.com


Dark Intentions
Destined To Burn
Deity Down Records
Dark Intentions
Remorse will die today
Pure & Simple records


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Dark Intentions - Destined To Burn 10-07-08 / Album review / 0 reactie(s)

Dark Intentions came to life in January 2003. Martijn, Remko, Theo and Victor wanted to make hard hitting metalcore in their own way. They teamed up and started writing songs. Jakob was drafted in to temporarily fulfill the bass-duties, what turned out to be a permanent fulfillment.
With the guitars now tuned down to C, all-new aggressive songs were written. The first shows were played with positive reactions to the new songs. Gradually the style of music evolved into a more modern version of eighties/nineties NY hardcore with thrash/deathmetal influences, resulting in hard and heavy compact songs.
The first 3-track demo "Survival is not an option" was recorded, mixed and produced by the band themselve in October 2003 - March 2004 on various locations with the help of some good friends. Check the MP3 @ darkintentions.com!

With this demo-CD as an indication of what is to be expected, Dark Intentions are paving the road to their aural assault on stages everywhere. Prepare for shock and awe:


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