Peter And The Test Tube Babies

Naam : Peter And The Test Tube Babies
Genre : Oi!
Land : Engeland
Website :


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Make no mistake ! Peter And The Test Tube babies have written some of the best punk songs ever. In the early 80's they stood out, above all other bands to emerge, with their tales of the hazards of being young punks in Brighton' "Banned From The Pubs", "Intensive care", "Run Like hell", the list goes on .. all had the Test Tubes hallmark, combining personal experiences, real cool tunes and most important of all maintaining a great sense of humour.

At the time, their gigs were fun filled events with electrifying tunes and plenty of entertainment. harmless humour of those early gigs was captured on their debut album "Pissed And Proud". From those early gems, the Test Tubes just got better and better. The next crop of songs, "Jinx", "Blown Out Again" and "September" all featured on "The Mating Sounds Of South American Frogs" which stayed at number one for four months at the top of the independent charts. A U.S. tour followed, climaxing with a 4,000 capacity sell out show at the Los Angeles Olympic Auditorium

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