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Naam : The Lager Louts
Genre : Streetpunk
Land : Nederland
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The Lager Louts
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The Lager Louts
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The Lager Louts
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Here is a short time line from The Lager Louts.

2002 - The Lager Louts were born in May of this year. Jelle, Sjoerd & Mano had the idea to reform their old band The Goo. After recruiting Richard on drums they decided to go on a different name, after some rambling the name The Lager Louts was born. Instead of playing songs from their previous bands, they decided to create whole new songs, and change the style a bit as well. Another Dutch streetpunk band and songs like Line 'Em Up, Veteran and When We Were Young were born! No gigs were played in this year, also due the fact that we already broke up in late 2002!

2003 - So we broke up, but as you can guess, a few months later we got back together again. This was in the beginning of 2003. Now we got a little bit more serious, and really wanted to make something out of the band. We recorded a demo in March 2003, and it instantly got picked up by Maurice (also known as the guitarist of the Dutch Oi!-Core band Hardsell) who just founded a new label called Bouncing Sole Records and had one release under it's belt so far. Of course we didnt let this chance pass us by, and an agreement with Maurice was made. Later on in June we went back into the studio to record more songs for the album, tracks like; Maybe Tomorrow, Too Fast To Live... and Rest In Peace were written, rehearsed and recorded in a 2/3 month period. In the meantime we also played with many national and international bands such as Deadline (our first gig), The Briefs, Unite Against Society, Poison Idea, Disturbance, The Shaggable Sluts, Menace, The Boys, Blood Or Whiskey and The RawBerries. Later on around September/October Sjoerd decides to quit the band, the idea was to let him play his last show in December at a gig in Delft, but we cancelled the show, and he eventuelly plays his last gig on the 24th of October again with Deadline in the Belgian city of Temse. In November we found a new bass player, Gerrit, as well as a 2nd guitarist HJ.

2004 - In January this year we played our first show with the new line up, everything went pretty good actually, a week later we played in Belgium again at JC Fluks in Baasrode, where we probably played our best show ever and gave away some advance promo cd-r's from the album that was about to released, which it finally did in March of 2004. Positive reactions from the people and big zines such as Aardschok and Up Magazine were given! Early June Richard decides to quit the band. The 'relationship' with Richard faded over the years, and there was no motivation anymore from his side. Finding a new drummer wasnt hard, HJ took over the drums (he drummed in another band for several years), and we recruited yet again a new 2nd guitarist, Rien from another Dutch punk band called KHHK. Rien turned out to be a real addition to the band with his crazy riffs and solo parts and all the old songs got a whole new dimension. After a few rehearsels we were good to go again and new songs like Destionation Nowhere, Bettery Days and My City My Town were written which some of were played for the very first time at a show with Sweet Poison (B) and Reno Divorce (USA) in the Batcave of the 013 in Tilburg. This was one of our best shows ever and was caught on camera. Several of these dvd's were later on passed out and mp3's of this show are floating over the internet. In the meantime the band got futured on two (one national and one international) compilation albums.

2005 - After the shows with Reno Divorce in november 2004 we took a little break wondering what the next step for the band will be. Plans for recording a split album with our German friends of The Riot Company were born. Five or six songs of our own plus a cover from The Riot Company and they would be doing the same. Eventually our studio plans got postponed and even cancelled though The Riot Company had already hit the studio. We were suppose to play a big anti-racist festival in Geneve, Swizz, but we had to cancel as well... The Lager Louts split up and all members went their own way. HJ and Jelle had Stereo Blackout, Jelle and Gerrit had The Bakfietsboys and cowboy Rien turned out to be one tough to beat mechanical bull rider. Basicly we split up in november 2004, after that it was all talk and no more rock...

2006 - Rumours of Mano Revolver re-starting the band got spread on this very website and even the official site of the band got a relaunch and brand new look. Under the motto 'Left For Dead In 2004, Still Alive In 2006!' the band, with vocalist Mano being the only original member left, tried to recruit a 2nd guitarist and / or drummer to start rehearsing and playing live again. Vocalist Mano later on admitted that it was a joke and it was only one last attempt to draw attention to the band when all music, including the amazing show in Tilburg, got released for free online.

Rest In Peace!

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