Naam: Eef
Plaats: Enschede
Aantal dagen lid:4538
Forum posts:14


Eva, Enschede/Nijmege ,crust d-beat psytek hardcore!, Egypte, piercings, kutmuziek, tattoos, rellen, viezigheid, sletterigheid.


de k de e de r de k de kerk


Yes please: slapen zuipen feesten vrienden + British accents.




pop the glock, the glock you pop




Crack Rock Steady,
are you ready to stop
the rotten blue menace?
Let's go kill us a cop.
Crack Rock Steady,
are you ready?
Livin above the law



in a Capitalist society
we're threatened by autonomy
their labor must belong to us
in cash and greed and god we trust
just another policy
to cripple their economy


I'm burning up the flag you wave
I'm dancing on your fucking grave
you're selling devastating death
you're sucking souls and robbing breath
and your greed's a blasphemy
you're profiting from misery
where will all this madness end
when the money burns and cities rend






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