Naam: Kas
Plaats: Den Bosch
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Aantal dagen lid:4320
Forum posts:214

Poison Idea, Out Cold ,Extreme noise terror, Zeke, Disrupt, Negative Approach, Kill Your Idols ,The Accused,Die Kreuzen, Meatmen,No Turning Back ,4 Skins ,Fear, S.F.A., Cockney Rejects,Sham 69,SS Decontrol, Anti-Nowhere League,Backfire,Germs,Social Distortion,Condemned 84,Evil Conduct,Hope Conspiracy,Slapshot,Blood For Blood, Dead Boys,Overkill,Bohse Onkelz,Ringworm,Tech 9,Suicidal Tendencies,Negazione,Agent Bulldogg,Charles Bronson, Skrewdriver,Nihilistics,M.D.C.,Rise And Fall,Murphy's Law,The Exploited,D.R.I.,Cock Sparrer,Agent Orange,Municipal Waste,Anti-Heros,Hard Resistance,Cro-mags, U.K.Subs,G.B.H.,S.O.D.,Carnivore,Necros,Circle Jerks,Zeke,Righteous Kill,Otis,To The Test,Hang The Bastard,Combat 84,Close Shave,Civil Terror,The Butcher,Exodus,Death Angel,The Damned,Integrity,Cold As Life,Agnostic Front,Madball,Sick Of It All, Anticimex,Bolt thrower, Napalm Death, Warzone,GG Allin,Section 5,Norhtside kings,Sheer Terror,Negative FX,Pro-Pain,Exhorder,Motorhead,Modern Life Is War,Venom,Merauder,Human Demise,Battery,Discharge,Stooges,The Cult,Billy Idol,Crowbar,Supersuckers,AC/DC met Bon Scott,Misfits,Samhain,Helmet,Fucked Up,Bad Brains,Dead Stop,Cuby and the Blizzards,Popa Chubby,Golden Earring,Tielman Brothers en nog veel meer kick ass rock'n'roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers, Kas La Raza ex-gangmember Tiel Skins  B.T.R. for life!!!!!!!!!!

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