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sorry, but i can't speak dutch (flamish, or nederlands), becuse i've just moved to belgium, and now i'm learning language. So you must read this page on english...

We learnd somthing in scool, what i can use now... how to introduce yourself. That's important...:P

Ik heet Marcell, en ik kom uit Hongarije. Ik woon in malderen, in begie. Ik spreek hongaars, engels (, en natuurlijk een beetje nederlands).

So, yeah, that's me...

I'm an oi-punk, and i came from the western city of Hungary, St.Gotthard.  I can't do anything without music, so we can say: NO MUSIC, NO LIFE! and or course, music is: punk, oi-punk, skin, and somethimes metal.

My favorits:

Pilsner oiquell The Sex Pistols Zaupfahl 4 skins The Oppressed The Cassualites Anti-flag Black flag Konflikt

These r only the international ones, but if you realy intrested in hungarian punk, here r my real favorits:

HétköznaPI CSAlódások LINX Barackca Fegyelmezõrészleg fürgerókalábak ETA Kisangyal CPG Common Punk Group/Coitus punks group) Auróra cirkáló/Auróra ( the simple Aurora is not really good, but till 1997 all their songs pritty good-> after that they r playing s*it) QSS (say as kush and it means: shut up) QQRIQ Tizedes meg a többiek Tekintetes Úr Marina Revue Kretens tr-OI Lenin-körút (it was an anti-kommunist punk band in 1980-90. If you learnd the history well, you know, that the kommunism was not a good thing, so from 1970 to1995 al the punk bands were anti-kommunist, but not nazi. without the mos-oi, but they were boneheads...) Fegyelem (lenin itt a példakép, Hitler meg a söpredék... - Lenin our hero, hitler is a bollock)

Well, that's all, i think... If you have a question, just ask...

Hey! Dus, na 9 manden heb ik veel van nederlands geleerd, maar ik zal deze pagina niet veranderen, want ideren kan engels spreken. Als je vragen hebt, vraag maar. :)


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