Naam: Ron
Plaats: Zaandam
Site: http://www.darkclouds.nl
Aantal dagen lid:3724
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Dark Clouds is a semi acoustic band, formed in 2007 by (ex) band members from The Fucking Virgins, Hailander, Water Goblins, Love for the Machine, Incontinentals, De Hema’s, Riot, Siff in the Crypt, the Ex and the Nixons. In the semi acoustic setting, hardness, subtle instruments and the way of singing meet entirely. On the consonance of this music “Dark Clouds” can express their emotions better and you can hear and see this in the atmosphere which is put down on stage. With only self written songs and unexpected choice of instruments “Dark Clouds” is a band which captures the crowd and take them away along in their world. Band members: Vocals         Ron Boelens Guitar        Marcello Carlino Guitar        Volgert Ris Mandolin    Ewoud de Groot Bass           Fabian de Vré Drums        Chaos Contact Ron 0031646398196 darkclouds@hetnet.nl www.myspace.com/darkcloudsmusic

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