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In Your Face

IN YOUR FACE is a Hardcore band from Rotterdam formed in the hood of Hoogvliet in 2006. IYF is known for its hard shows and a loyal crew.
After vocalist Rob left the band, IYF took a little break but now they are back in the game stronger then ever.

IYF is working hard on their new sound and on the songs for their first album.

Keep it hard and In Your Face as much as possible!

Remember: It was a rough start but who doesn't give up will never lose!

In your Face rocked the bigger stages in the Rotterdam area like Waterfront and Baroeg, together with bands like:

All For Nothing - Defeat Lies Ahead - Pound - Puz! - Detox (DTX Hardcore) - Age Of Panic - Bound In Blood.

Our respect goes out to the venues that support the scene:
Baroeg -Texmex - Waterfront - De Flatertheek - JJ Music House - De Kajuitbar - De Gilde [BE]

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