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Hallo,     :D


Wij, FOKKUM, willen, na jaren keihard werken aan onze band, graag optreden !

Wij hopen dat we als live band een kans krijgen om mensen te vermaken en verblijden met onze harde, maar lieve muziek met een boodschap.



Wij zijn een 4-koppige, heftig klinkende band met een fascinatie voor vrijheid, waarheid en liefde. 

We zijn van verschillende leeftijden en maken eigenzinnige, strak gespeelde muziek .

Ook hebben we goede eigen spullen en dito geluid. 


Wij maken harde, simpele, melodieuze, snelle, korte liedjes met zware gitaren en een cleane zang (geen grunts) !


Hieronder staan wat LIVE ingespeelde oefenruimte-clips.

Luister en oordeel zelf.  :D


FOKKUM - Sheeple.


FOKKUM - Kids In Commercials.


FOKKUM - The Chase.



===>> Kan jij een gig voor ons regelen ???

===>> Ken jij iemand die een gig voor ons kan regelen ???


We spelen overal en met iedereen.   :)


Binnenkort komt de 2e Do It Yourself full-length cd uit (Investigate !).

Ook hebben we: demo, mini-cd, 1e full-length cd, t-shirts, buttons, stickers, posters, verzamel cd's en binnenkort ook logo-patches.


Check onze Facebook pages: 

www.facebook.com/Fokkum (like ons).

www.facebook.com/richenlisa.com (bevriend ons).


====>>   Boekingen: fokkum@ziggo.nl (Lisa).   <<====



Richard (Ries) Willemse (lead-vocals/drums)

Lisa Wessling (distortion bass/back-voc)

Hans Boender (clean bass/back voc)

Bouke Dittmar (guitar)


Ik hoop wat van je te horen.  :D




Lisa & Fokkum






-----FOKKUM IS-----

- A brutal, slightly melodic sounding band, with raw, short and fast songs.

- We are searching for new gigs.

- We are a Dutch band.

- Music inspiration comes from: Uniform Choice, Intensity, 7 Seconds, Jerry’s kids, Minor threat, Doom, Extreme Noise Terror, Discharge, Final conflict, Skitsystem, Satanic surfers and more bands plus my interpretation of hardcore. 



- Richard (Ries) Willemse - drums / lead-vocals. 

- Lisa Wessling - distortion-bassguitar. 

- Hans Boender - bassguitar / back-vocals.

- Bouke Dittmar - guitar.


-----LYRIC THEMES-----

- Agnostics, politics, freedom, anarchy, conspiracies, spirituality, esotherics, positivism, alternative history, mind-control, illuminati, freemasons, macho-behaviour, bloodlines, free-thinking, personal experiences / feelings, social issues, animal rights, manipulation, indoctrination, love, peace and more.


-----LIVE SHOWS-----

- We’ll play at all venues and festivals within the Netherlands and Europe. 

- We can be a support act, head-liner, suprise-act or last-minute booking. 

- We have a back-line.

- We have a stageplan / stage-rider on request.



- fokkum@ziggo.nl  <----



- www.fokkum.nl - All written in English.

- www.youtube.com/user/riesfokkum - Live clips. Let’s be friends!

- www.facebook.com - Search for ‘Fokkum’ or ‘Ries en Lisa’. Let’s be friends and/or like us!

- www.last.fm/music/fokkum - For now, just the music.

- www.reverbnation.com/fokkum - For now, just the music.

- fokkum.bandcamp.com - Music and cd-artwork.



- 1 full-length studio album (Paradise).

- 4 split cd-rs.

- 1 EP/mini cd-r (Notice yourself).

- 1 demo (Revenge).

- On 2 compilations. 

- Caps.

- Stickers.

- Buttons.

- Posters.





- Ries founded Fokkum with together with a few fellow Barton Dean / Within Temptation members (Floris and Michiel).

- Ries wanted to merge his favorite styles: Hardcore (such as: Uniform Choice ‘Straight and alert’ and Intensity ‘Bought and sold’ and 7 Seconds ‘The crew’ and Jerry’s kids ‘Is this my world?’ and Minor threat) and Crustcore: (Such as: Doom ‘War crimes’ en Extreme Noise Terror ‘Holocaust in my head’ and Final conflict ‘Ashes to ashes’ and Discharge). 

- We had a couple of line-up changes and did a few gigs. 

- A bunch of songs were written.

- We recorded a few rehearal-cassette-tapes with un-complete line-ups.


- Fokkum merched with the band G.O.Y. and we changed our name into Still No. The music soon tended more to fast, melodic, oldschool sXe hardcore. 

- We did some gigs.

- We recorded 1 demo-cassette and 1 full-length D.I.Y. cd-r ‘Attempt To Make Sense’ and than split-up.


- Ries brought the old Fokkum back to life.

- Ries wrote a bunch of songs and lyrics. 

- Ries developed a logo, a site and prepared much more stuff.

- Ries tried to find new members to complete the line-up, but didn’t succeed easily.


- Lisa and Ries build their own rehearsalroom / D.I.Y.-studio (1-year labour). 

- Ries made Fokkum more brutal and more crust (riffing / drop-B).

- Lisa desides to play (distortion-)bassguitar in Fokkum. 

- We did many rehearsal-sessions.

- We recorded our angry and negative 'Revenge' crustcore demo cult cd-r (with the help of guest guitarist Michiel). 

- Ries distributed 300 Revenge demos all across the world, mainly in Holland.


- Fokkum’s soul changed from angry to love after a couple of years of conspiracy / spiritual / historical research and personal experiences. 

- All lyrics were re-written by Ries. 

- Our quest for truth, love and fun began.

- Next to Hardcore and Crustcore we included a littlebit D-beat (such as: Skytsystem) and Skatecore (such as: Satanic surfers ‘666 Motor inn’) sound in our Fokkum style.


- Xander became Fokkum’s guitarist.

- We made D.I.Y. split-cds with Noituus, Indulgencia, Agamenon Project (songs taken from ‘Revenge’ cd). 

- We appeared on the German compilation: Break Out #3 (song taken from ‘Revenge’ cd).

- Ries made our own D.I.Y. merchandise such as: buttons, stickers, posters, caps etc. 


- We recorded our lo-fi D.I.Y. 11-song EP / mini-cd-r named: ‘Notice Yourself’. 

- Ries wrote to 80 (e-)zines and 20 other D.I.Y. punk / hardcore initiatives (mailorders, labels, etc.) and send them our ‘Notice Yourself’ cd.

- Ries made our own split cd-r (artwork, duplicating, etc.) with Resposta Simples (songs taken from ‘Notice Yourself’). 

- We appeared on a German pro-squat Soli-sampler (song taken from ‘Notice Yourself’).

- Venues kept asking us to do gigs, so we did a bunch of gigs in Holland and 1 in Belgium.

- People liked our tunes and initiatives and we got many positive responses.


- We recorded a big, fat D.I.Y. studio full-length cd named 'Paradise'. Ries made a full-colour ‘Paradise’-cd artwork.

- We made hundreds of copies of all our other / former merchandise (like splits, comps, ‘Notice’ EP and promo-stuff), so we could give it away for free.

- We had a 6-month break (Ries suffered a burn-out). 

- In this break-period we were suddenly a suprise-act of Ignite in Tivoli (Utrecht, Holland).

- After this break we prepared ourselfs again and made plans for our cd-release and new gigs.

- Ries designed new promo-shit for buttons, logos, flyers, stickers, posters, caps, statement-posters and more.

- We made a new site: www.fokkum.nl (old and needs an up-date)

- We made a Facebook, Youtube, Reverbnation and Bandcamp.

- We started rehearsing again.

- We wrote a couple of new songs.

- We decided to do some more gigs and had great fun.


- The ‘Paradise’ cd released in February with a party in HPC.

- Ries wrote to a lot of (e-)zines and other D.I.Y. punk / hardcore initiatives (mailorders, labels, etc.) and send them our ‘Paradise’ cd.

- Shows in Holland and Belgium.

- Ries wrote to a few people, labels, magazines and distros to ask if they would distribute our ‘Paradise’ cd.

- Xander quit the band in June.

- Ries and Lisa searched for a guitarplayer and went on writing songs.

- Ries posted about 100 Fokkum-promo-packages (cds, stickers etc.) all over the world (mainly in Holland).

- Hans decided to join our band as a second bassplayer. 

- Ries made a couple of already existing songs shorter (throw away what you don’t need).

- Because of us being with less members, we decided to slightly ‘upgrade’ some already exsisting songs.

- We wrote a bunch of new songs!

- We rehearsed our asses off (19 old and 6 new songs) and had lots of fun.

- A new Fokkum was born... Ries: vocals/drums, Lisa: distortion-bassguitar, Hans: cleane-bassguitar. 


- In January we finally found our guitarist. His name is Bouke Dittmar.

He has a classical trained background next to his love for brutal music and he was willing to give it a try.

It all worked out very good, so after just one rehearsal session we asked him to join us… luckily he did.

- Ries wrote a bunch of new songs and we practiced our asses off.

- We now (Nov 2014) have 23 songs.

- We are preparing ourselves for our second upcoming full-length album (Dec 2014)… and stage !!!…

Here we go again  :-D


Love and awareness from,

Ries, Lisa, Hans, Bouke.



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