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Guitar player of FOKKUM (Hardcore / Crustcore Punk from Alphen with Ries en Lisa

Maryland acoustic folk with Robert Ravelli and others

Hyper Manik extreme technical everething band with Ries


Check out





(I like lots of music, few cult legens i like are

Uniform Choice, Ignite, Tragedy, Pisschrist, DOOM, Disfear, Anti Cimex, Skitsystem, Hiatus, Melignant Tumour, Dropdead, Better than a thousand, Personkrets 3:1, Anatomi 71, Terrorizer, Entombed, Wolfbrigade, Makiladoras, Krush, Heresy, Uncurbed, Warcollapse, Nuclear Death Terror, Ambulance, Alpinist, 7 Seconds,               Youth of TODAY, Aus Rotten, Avskum, Bad Religion


Mock Orange, Texas is the reason, Weezer *old*, Jimmy eat world, Fall of troy, Dredg, Propagandhi, Lagwagon, Fill in the blanks, Alexisonfire

Belvedere, Rufio, The rise of science, Rise against, Satanic Surfers, Sunny day real estate, Undeclinable *ABUSCADE!*. Adhesive, Biffy Clyro


Nick Drake, Grizly Bear, Jack Johnson, Damien Rice, City and Colour, Wilco, Weezer,  Swell season, The Frames, Andy Mckey, Dave Metthews Band,

Engine Down, Greg Graffin, Zoli Band, JIM MATHEOS


Bob Marley, Ozric Tentacles, XbraniaX, The number twelve looks like you, Atheist, Pesticlence, Thanatos, Razor, Wehrmacht, Rush,



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